Creighton Elementary School District - Sarah Gingras

From intern Sarah Gingras:

I have been interning at Creighton Elementary School District and have been welcomed with open arms. The staff here have accommodated me very well, including feeding me constantly! During my time, I have worked on education projects to teach staff and students about topics relating to food safety and eating a healthful diet. I have helped in the central kitchen and one of the schools kitchens to help feed children while they are remote learning. It has been challenging learning what is normal for the school district versus feeding during COVID but I know the staff is doing everything they can to help the students succeed in and out of school.

We are getting creative on how to make read across America day great for the kids even with it possibly being virtual so we are planning on a lot of staff participation. They asked me to help make Dr. Seuss hats, and I got creative and started making them for people in the office, including their favorite stuffed animals. We wear many “hats” during our internship, and helping staff make a hat for a rat is one of them!

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